Michael J McNulty Jr

Michael J McNulty Jr is deaf and was born in Secaucus, New Jersey; he attended the Lake Drive School for the Deaf through four years. Then, he moved out to Rochester, NY. In 2014, he graduated from Rochester School for the Deaf. He also entered the National Technical Institute for the Deaf to choose Information and Computing Studies. Two of his majors were Cyber Security and Technical Support. After two years, he was hired and worked in a Technical Support position at Sorenson Communications Inc. In 2017, he eventually graduated from RIT/NTID, and then he evolved very popularly on Instagram because he supported and demonstrated the products from some companies such as Harley Davidson, including clothes, hats, and shoes, XIKEZAN Beard Straightener, Democrat & Chronicle, Subway, KFC, Wendys, and Charlie Riedel's Restaurant. Finally, he became Vice President of God of Angel MC & CC to be representative of a motorcycle club. His CEO/President is Richard G Daniels 11. They were responsible for hiring those interested to be part of his team.

-Certification & Honors & Awards:

• A+ Certification Core 1

-Dean’s List honors 3 Semesters, Delta XI Epsilon Pi Tau Honor Society 2017

-Sorenson Communication Inc.: 3 times Employee of Month, Employee of Quarter, Login Highest Percentage

-Zero “late” awards, over 50 Compliments, and Award to recognize for excellence in Customer Care Tier 2

In 2022, his management team from Sorenson requested him to go to the DeafNation Expo and be a representative at Sorenson Customer Care to assist many customers. In addition, he made a friend with Joel West Barish, who arranged for DeafNation in every state.

In 2023, he took a Motorcycle Safety Foundation Basic RiderCourse to develop his ability to control motorcycles. He no longer worked for Sorenson. His missionaries changed his life to obey God and Jesus and serve them and people. He supported and witnessed his former teacher, Gwen J Conklin, to be baptized in a church named "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints."